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Dive in Malta, Gozo and Comino



Welcome to OK Diving in Malta, where you will find all the necessary information to enjoy the underwater world around the island.

If you want to dive in Malta, Gozo and Comino and you are looking for guide diving in the Maltese Islands, in Ok Diving Malta you could find the best service and enjoy in the best atmosphere with very kind and professional staff. Check the section dive sites where you can find some of the most famous and well recommended dive sites of the island. Don’t miss it 😉

Why Malta as a diving destination? …

Malta is a diving destination which divers don’t really realize the real potential of the island.

This country is formed by three different main Islands and a few small ones. The main ones are Malta, Gozo and Comino. Sited just in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, 90 km south of Sicily, it has many  reasons to be one of the best diving destinations in Europe. Weather and sea conditions are the best points but not only these. There are many reasons who will make you think twice about your next diving trip and consider Malta for your next holidays.

Malta , third best diving destination of the world.

The maltese Islands got the third position on the category ‘Best Diving Destination’ of the Diver Awards Ceremony, celebrated recently in the London International Dive Show.

This prestigious award put the maltese archipelago as the most popular in the hole Mediterranean sea, as thousands of votes from the lectors of Diver Magazine recognize it.

Colourful landscapes, variety of marine life within shipwrecks and an amazing topography makes of Malta a unique place to practice scuba diving, even from the shore or from a boat, with more than 50 diving centers along the Maltese country . Malta it has been recognized 2 consecutive years with this awards.

The ‘Best Diving Destination’ category was disputed by few important candidates from all over the world. Egypt got the first place, followed by Maldives in the second position. And Malta the third one.

The reasons of this popularity are many : from crystal clear waters to many different kind of diving (caves, reefs, shipwrecks). Also the excellent job of the diving community offering and improving the different services and products.

Lot of shipwrecks with history

During the first world war and even more during the second, Malta it was an strategic point for the control of the Mediterranean. During 1942 and only in one month, the Luftwaffe tried to snatch away from the allies the control of Malta with the insane amount of 11.000 tons of bombs, which finished with many British boats, submarines and airplanes…and now they make of Malta one of the main references in the world in shipwrecks diving. Even now a days many different technical diving centers are investigating and exploring for some more wrecks, still waiting on the depth.

And not just from the world war. Recently it was found a ship wreck next to the coast of Gozo, full of amphoras dated on the phoenicians stage.