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Our True Passion

Curiously this team met on the Island of Malta, in 2012. But, this is not the only island were they have met, previously they met in Koh Tao, Thailand were Fernando became Scuba Instructor and Matt became Free Diver Instructor. Where Jano was working as an instructor. In those days Bea was working in Koh Tao as a climbing instructor.

A few years later


OK Diving Malta was born

Now, a few years later on the island of Malta the friends were joined again, united they created a young, professional, very kind and motivated team with who you will feel comfortable and safe. And of course have fun!! A lot of fun!!


Alejandro (AKA Jano)

Owner and Scuba Instructor

One of the founders, born in Madrid, Jano decided to leave the big city where he was working as a developer, to live his dream underwater and dedicate all his time diving in Malta. He is well known by his students for his patience in training beginner scuba divers.

Beatriz (Aka The Boss)


Dive master or also known as “Bea the boss” co-founder, started diving in Malta a few years ago. The first time Bea came to Malta her main purpose was to study English, however, after Bea did the Discover Scuba Diving course, she discovered a new amazing world and spends all her time on the island doing diving courses instead of the English ones.

Matthieu (Aka The Fish Man)

Free-Diver Instructor

Free-diving Instructor, “The fish man”, Matt is able to hold his breath for more than 7 minutes doing static apnea and 50m deep on free fall. The reason behind all these amazing results is mainly to his training and breathing techniques. Daily practice is the workings of any success.

Fernando (Mr.Craken)

Scuba Instructor

Scuba Diving Instructor, “the Craken”, Fernando met Alejandro while they were diving in Malta on 2013, after that they met again in Thailand while they were working as a scuba diving instructors during the winter season and now they have the opportunity to share this hobby again and enjoy the crystal clear water of Malta together.

Oscar (Aka El Viejoven)

Dive Master

Divemaster “El viejoven”, multitasking man that tries to stay underwater as much as possible. He is well known for his jokes, Oscar always makes diving the funniest thing in the world without forgetting the standards and safety procedures. Also talented to guide beginners to the best experience of the scuba diving.

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OK Diving Malta Facilities


OK Diving Malta is situated at St.Paul’s Bay and has all the facilities that you might need to dive in a safe and comfortable way.

Equipment Room and Office

Swimming Pool

Direct Access to the Sea

Outdoor area for Relaxing and Studying

Changing Rooms, Showers and WC

Bar & Restaurant

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