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Diving at Um El Faroud

Diving at Um El Faroud

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To practice diving in Malta is not only to be impressed by what everyone expects to see but to appreciate what cannot be seen and that we know is present, in that boat that hides the voice of 9 men in a story.


Where is the shipwreck Um El Faroud?

In the depths of the Island of Malta is this compulsory diving point for those who wish to live an unforgettable experience in their visit to the Maltese Archipelago which becomes one of the favorite places to dive in the region. It is exactly in the southwest area of the island, more specifically in the town of Zurrieq, famous enclave also due to the presence of the famous Blue Grotto.


Information about the Um El Faroud

The shipwreck Um El Faroud has become one of the best diving experiences in Malta as it shares with all those who visit it a story. Built in 1969 in Middlesbrough, in England by the Smith Dock Company Co. Ltd and owned by the General National Maritime Transport Company of Tripoli, this ship received on any given day for maintenance, it boarded 9 Maltese workers who were in charge of maintaining it. Float and in the security of the docks of the Malta Shipyards nobody imagined that it would be the perfect scenario for the explosion of a tank while operating just in the line between Italy and Libya transporting fuel.

The Um El Faroud suffered extensive damage to its entire structure, damage that would not allow it to sail again and allowed to be declared as a sinister ship in its entirety, after 3 years in 1998 the authorities of Malta decided to use the ship to create an artificial reef that will allow you to contemplate its beauty and live a new experience, where everyone would know its history and those 9 Maltese souls that died during the explosion in 1995 while performing their tasks. On the bridge, their names are engraved on a commemorative plaque.


Diving Conditions

The Um El Faroud is located a few meters from the coast which allows us to easily access it from the coast, like most of the Maltese archipelago diving spots. The access is made from a platform that is in the valley of Zurrieq jetty also where the boats leave and enter, to make the tour of the famous Blue Grotto, so it requires great care when entering and leaving the water since the valley is quite narrow. To reach the sunken ship means to skirt a wall that oscillates between 5 and 30 meters deep. Bordering it and once out of the valley and already in the open sea you can witness two spectacular caves and the famous monument to divers, a statue of a diving helmet that is at a 30 meters deep, located halfway between the wreck and the reef. A few meters away we are separated to reach the impressive stern and propeller of Um El Faroud, this being the deepest point of the dive located 35 meters deep. The highest part of the ship that are the chimneys are located about 18 meters. We must be aware of the sea conditions because especially at this dive point there are currents that sometimes make it difficult to return to the reef where the exit stairs are located. The boat is more than 110 meters long, which requires at least a couple of dives to enjoy all its parts in detail, although more could be done if its interiors could be accessed. Only the part of the bridge where the engine rooms are located plus cabins and kitchens are made up of 4 floors. An adventure for the most experienced!

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Marine species that can be seen diving near Um El Faroud

Arriving to the shipwreck it is a spectacle of nature, not only because of the beauty of the ship but also because of the presence of millions of fish surrounding it, such as the damselfish that run from the inside, scorpions that hide waiting to go unnoticed by their combination of colors next to the boat, larger fish such as mackerels and amberjacks in addition to the groupers and barracudas that use it as a refuge for their attack. These are concentrated mainly in the area of the bridge where it is possible to contemplate them a few meters or even centimeters away. Sometimes it is possible to see triggerfish and some rays in the sandy bottom that surrounds the boat. You can also find big Morey eels in the different holes of the boat.


Best months to go

Having the open invitation to visit this wonderful place at any time of the year, enjoy this show is even better in the months from April to mid-November where you can enjoy the most pleasant temperature of the water and the perfect view for the Um El Faroud. In August it is possible to reach 28 degrees on the surface, although it must be borne in mind that sometimes thermoclines in the bottom can lower the temperature to 20 degrees or less.

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Diving in Malta at the shipwreck P 29

Diving in Malta at the shipwreck P 29

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Diving has become more than just a hobby or a sport, the appreciation, respect, and charm of marine life need a story to tell those who visit it.


Where is the shipwreck P29?

Being one of the best diving spots in the North of the island of Malta, the Shipwreck P29 is located in the depths of Cirkewwa, just opposite the ferry station. Cirkewwa is surely the most important diving point of the entire archipelago, with at least four diving points quite differentiated. It has an exclusive parking for divers and also has facilities such as showers, toilets and food and drinks stand.


Information of the P29

Known by all as the Shipwreck P 29 and being a tourist Jewel for Diving in Malta, this was baptized with the name of Boltenhagen in the East of Germany after its construction in Peene Werft Wolgast, the ship is about 60 meters long. Highlighting his machine gun in the bow, point of all the looks and photographs.

It was intended to be identified as P29 Patrol boat, mine digger, and fishing controller. After fulfilling its patrol activity in September 2005, it was sold to the Malta Tourism Authority to turn it into a wreck. Work that lasted two years to be completed until August 14, 2007, when it was prepared for divers and was shipwrecked because of artificial reefs and to this day has been one of the biggest diving attractions in Cirkewwa.


Diving  Conditions

To access to the place where the P 29 Boat is located, access to the sunken ship is made from the coast, there are 3 different entry points and 2 exit points perfectly equipped with stairs and railings for your safety. The most recommended is the entrance 2 right in the middle of the reef, which is closer to the shipwreck. In summer there are yellow marking buoys on the surface that serve as a reference for navigation up to. From the entrance to the boat, dive into the west direction, after leaving the reef at a depth of 5-6 meters, you can find a vertical wall which falls more than 20 meters down. After 5 minutes of navigation, we will arrive at the shipwreck. The Patrol boat wreck in concrete is on a flat sandy bottom about 35 meters depth, with the top part of the ship about 20 meters. Sometimes there is a little current that can turn us off course during navigation.

To be able to do this immersion, the Advanced course is required, for more information please click here.


Marine species that can be seen diving near P 29

Accessing this place in addition to enjoying the beauty of the P 29 Boat also gives us the opportunity to observe reef fish such as sea breams and thousands of damselfish that abound around the ship. Also common are rockfishes or large scorpionfish both in rocky areas and around the ship. Common rays on the sand around the boat are sometimes possible to spot. In addition, large fish such as dentex and snappers are visible to the public. Sometimes it is also possible to see the barracudas that usually go in a group and some triggerfish but less common. Groupers and moray eels are quite common although the latter hide quite well and are difficult to find. The nudibranchs are also part of the marine fauna in the wreck, which lives attached to the hull of the ship.


When to go?

To have an unforgettable experience in Malta, the invitation is open at the best time of the year, to enjoy between Spring and Autumn in Malta from the month of April to October as it maintains a temperature of more than 20 degrees Celsius at the beginning of May reaching up to 29 degrees in Summer in shallow waters. Visibility is one of the virtues of diving in Malta, often reaching more than 30 meters of visibility, making diving in this shipwreck a more than pleasant activity.


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Dive in Malta, Gozo and Comino

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