Diving Guides Malta

Malta is considering one of the best places for diving into the Mediterranean sea.

It has crystal clear water, with visibility up to 50 meters even at depths of 30 meters.

OK Diving Malta offers diving guides in most of the dive sites around the Islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Daily diving guides trips you will find spectacular reefs, rock formations, ship wrecks, caves, plus an amazing variety of life.

Mainly the dives are done from shore. Easy access from the vehicle to the water are common in the island.

The diving sites are well prepared, and even some places, for example Circkewa at the north of the island, is prepared with facilities like showers and toilets. Even the parking is just for the exclusive use of the divers. Please find here more info about the TOP DIVE SITES in Malta.

Also exists the boat diving trips possibility of course. Far away places from shore or the neighbour Comino are ideal for diving boat trips.

Our groups are small, not larger than four people, creating a familiar atmosphere and making diving more safe and enjoyable.

A Day Diving in Malta With Us

  • Meet up at the diving centre between 8 and 9 am,  presentation of OK Diving Malta team and facilities.
  • Briefing of the planning of the day that includes the dive sites (link), group of divers and instructor in charge.
  • Filing of documents, client’s file and medical questionnaire (link).
  • Preparation of diving equipment.
  • Transportation to the dive site. Since the majority of dives are made from coast the displacement is by vehicle, in other occasions it will be done by boat. Due to the strategic location of the school, diving sites are no more than thirty minutes from the center.
  • Arrival to the dive site, explanation and diving plan by the instructor
  • Preparation of equipment and buddy check.
  • Jump to the water, dive and enjoy.
  • Exit from the dive to the surface interval (usually 1h). Take time to hydrate yourself, eat something and discuss the immersion.
  • Briefing of the second dive.
  • Preparation of equipment, tank change. Companion check
  • Second dive, jump into the water and continue enjoying.
  • Debriefing, anecdotes, laughs, photos …
  • Dismantling of equipment
  • Transportation to the dive center
  • Desalting equipment
  • Registration of dives.
  • Briefing of the planning of the next day of diving.
  • Photos and Comment on Tripadvisor!